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STERLING CASA DE CAMBIO, S.A. DE C.V., commercially identified as STERLING or STERLING CURRENCY EXCHANGE STORE (The Company) is a corporation with a registered address in 117 Francisco de Quevedo St., 8th floor. Guadalajara, Jal, 44130 and owner of the website hosted under the domain name In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, its implementing regulations, and the Privacy Practices Guidelines, the following policy hereby informs users (User or Titleholder) of its privacy policies, data treatment purposes, and their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose them. Corporations are not subject to the present Notice of Privacy, as their data does not constitute personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Company gathers information for servicing requirements such as: name, address, occupation, date and place of birth, country of origin, profession, line of business, telephone number, tax identification number, official identification card data, population registry code (CURP), bank account number (as well as any other data in compliance with the Credit Auxiliary Organizations and Activities General Act on its 95th article). The User image can be captured through CCTV cameras located on the premises of branch offices and store locations owned by the company. STERLING can gather email addresses from The Shareholder for information and publicity.




Any transaction celebrated with the Company implies The User’s consent on data treatment and transmission as required by operation of law. The lack to manifest otherwise, supposes The User’s consent for informative and contact data to be used by The Company, for information and publicity purposes. The Titleholders may oppose and repeal their consent for nonessential purposes as the established on the present Privacy Notice. The Company collects data directly from The Titleholders and does not use third party nor public sources, with the exception of such cases requiring it.




The Company collects data directly from The Titleholders and does not use third party nor public sources, with the exception of those transactions requiring beneficiary's identification, and for which information is retrieved from institutions with whom The Company operates.




The Company gathers data in order to register operations and identify The User, in accordance to legislation under which Currency Exchange Stores operate, and with the purpose of keeping a statistical record of its users and transactions. Data is collected in compliance with essential purposes, based on legal dispositions to serve both user and trading operations records celebrated with The Company, and can not be limited by The Titleholder once transactions are held with The Company.


Email data may be used to send information of The Company, such as news from the currency exchange sector, publicity or delivering invoices.


The User can oppose and withdraw his/her consent for the later, and exercise his/her rights to limit them in accordance with the established on the present Privacy Notice.




Necessary data gathered by The Company to conduct trading operations may be shared with financial institutions, and national and foreign government authorities with the sole purpose to conduct posterior transactions in The Company’s line of business.


The later might require document origin identification or operated funds, compliant with business regulations applicable and in efforts to prevent money laundering.


The hiring and/or celebration of any transaction with The Company supposes an express consent on data treatment and its transmission as required by operation of law.


Data safe keep and security measures All data collected by The Company will be guarded in accordance to security measures that guarantee their safekeeping. All STERLING personnel in charge of handling data has received proper training and is bound by legal obligations of confidentiality.




The Company does not collect data through remote means, does not use cookies or web beacons in its website.




Data gathered by The Company for user and operation record purposes, and in compliance with The Company’s line of business legislation and the regulating authorities, will be kept for a period of 10 years beginning to count on the date of their collection, or until further notice from the applicable legislation is assigned.


Data indirectly related to User and operation record purposes and the binding legislation of Currency Exchange Stores (such as contact information for communication and publicity purposes), will be kept indefinitely unless The User requests otherwise. Such request must be expressly made through the established means as presented in this Notice of Privacy.


Rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose data treatment


The Titleholder can access, rectify, cancel and oppose data treatment, with the exception of those where a legal obligation exists and entails for their safe keeping. To exercise such rights, STERLING has a Data Protection Department that can be contacted through the following email address:


The Users can exercise their right to limit and repeal their consent to data treatment, as long as it does not affect their hired services with The Company, and no legal disposition exists to impede such action, a written request must be delivered to The Company’s address or via email to the following address:


Attached to their request, The User must send image of an official identification document in order to verify its validity. When acting as a representative for The User, a proxy letter must be presented as well as an image of the official identification document of the proxy. STERLING will answer any User’s request on a period no longer than 15 working days upon the request’s arrival, and definite answer will be produced 15 working days following the preliminary answer, through the same means used by The User to communicate it.


To exercise the cancellation right The Company can block information from The Titleholder requesting it, only after verifying that such cancellation will not affect The User’s obligation with STERLING or The Company’s relationship with other third parties. Users can limit their data or manifest their refusal for use in publicity and promotional purposes, through a link embedded on the electronic communications sent to them.


Modifications to the Privacy Notice


Users will be notified about changes done on the present Privacy Notice, through email communication. In addition, The User can consult at any moment the latest version of this Privacy Notice through The Company’s website, and on printed form on any of its branch offices and currency exchange stores.




For further inquiries and complaints on data treatment, The Users can appeal to the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection (IFAI), and the corresponding government authorities.


Notice of Privacy Version


Last modification of the present Privacy Notice published June 11 2015.

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